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About Us

Valuepitch E technologies Pvt Ltd, is a Technology Company which provides Legal Alert Technologies, Business Intelligence, CRM and Reputation Management products and solutions to enterprises. Valuepitch has a combined experience of almost 50 years in this field. Valuepitch, has operations and customer base in India, Singapore and UAE. We built proprietary technologies and processes for data extraction, information aggregation and media analytics. The capabilities are built in house through intensive interaction with specialists in this field who are currently associated with reputed Technology Institutes in India. Our capabilities are offered at competitive prices to match the best in the world providing significant advantages to our customers. Our solutions are used by leading brands across industries including banking, finance, automotive, entertainment, communications, consumer goods and computer technology.

We provide business search analytics at accuracy levels unmatched in the world. This is done using human insight over and above the information provided by advanced search technology. The human oversight uses technology for management and processes resulting in operations that are scalable at competitive costs to meet our customers requirements.This capability is our key USP providing us significant competitive advantage in the market.